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    Mig33 Emot Command Dan Hasilnya


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    Mig33 Emot Command Dan Hasilnya

    Post by bill.gates. on 19th March 2009, 06:17

    A) Emot yang hanya bisa di kirim dengan di ikuti username di belakangnya maupun tidak :
    01. /agree =**soed agrees**
    02. /apologizes =*soed apologizes**
    03. /argh =**soed screams loudly in frustration**
    04. /bark =**soed barks playfully. Ruff ruff!**
    05. /bearhug =**soed is getting ready to bearhug.**
    06. /beer =**soed yells "I AM THIRSTYYYYY!!"**
    07. /beg =**soed begs like a dog**
    08. /blink =**soed blinks eyes in disbelief!**
    09. /blowk =**soed blows a kiss**
    10. /blush = **soed blushes a lovely shade of red**
    11. /bored =**soed is extremely bored**
    12. /bow = **soed bow gracefully**
    13. /brb =**soed will be right back**
    14. /burp =**soed burps rudely**
    15. /caff =**soed bounces off the walls, buzzing on caffeine**
    16. /cheer =**soed cheers**
    17. /chicken =**soed lets out a 'be-GAWK!' as though soed were a chicken getting its tail feather plucked**
    (very long. Can't be given in chat rooms. Private Message Only)
    18. /chuckle =**soed chuckles politely**
    19. /confuse = **soed is totally confused**
    20. /cringe = **soed cringes in terror**
    21. /cry =**soed is crying**
    22. /doh =**soed blinks, then slaps forehead and screams 'DOH!'**
    23. /drool =**soed starts drooling all over the place**
    24. /drunk =**soed calls out "i'm SOOOOOOOOO drunk!"**
    25. /duck =**soed ducks out of the way**
    26. /eek =**soed leaps onto a table and screams 'Eeeek!!'**
    27. /eh =**soed is totally clueless. Eh?**
    28. /embrace =**soed gives everyone a warm and loving embrace**
    29. /faint =**soed faints**
    30. /fart =**soed lets off a real rip-roarer. Eeww**
    31. /firebreath =**soed performs a fire-breathing act!**
    32. /flirt =**soed flirts with the room**
    33. /frown =**soed frowns in disgust**
    34. /gasp =**soed gasps in astonishment!**
    35. /gee = **soed can't believe it. GEEEEEEEE.**
    36. /giggle =**soed giggles in a fit of uncontrollable mirth**
    37. /gn = **soed waves and takes off for dream land**
    38. /greet =**soed says "Hello all!!"**
    39. /grin =**soed grins evilly**
    40. /groan =**soed groans loudly**
    41. /happy =**soed can't resist smiling happily**
    42. /hfive =**soed gives everyone a high five. Yeah!!**
    43. /hiccup =**soed hiccups**
    44. /hmm =**soed humms and umms in deep thoughts**
    45. /honor =**soed is extremely honored**
    46. /howl =**soed lets loose a blood curdling howl at the moon. Hoooowwwll!!**
    47. /hug =**soed gives everyone a big hug**
    48. /hum =**soed begins to hum. dum dee doo..**
    49. /kiss =**soed puckers up - but who are you kissing exactly?**
    50. /joy =**Tears of joy form in soed's eyes. Oh, how happy!**
    51. /lag = **soed is seriously lagging. Lagmonster strikes again!**
    52. /laugh =**soed laughs out loud**
    53. /listen =**soed listens attentively**
    54. /loser =**soed admits, 'I'm a LOSER!' **
    55. /love =**soed seems to shine of internal peace, love and happiness**
    56. /martian =**soed pulls out a ray gun and yells "Take me to your leader!""**
    57. /miss =**soed has missed you all sooooooo much!**
    58. /mmm =**soed drools. Mmmmm.....**
    59. /moo =** soed moos like a cow**
    60. /mumble =**soed mumbles incoherently**
    61. /nod =**soed nods solemnly**
    62. /phew =**soed throws hands up in the air and say 'Phew! That was close!'**
    63. /ponder =**soed ponders the meaning of life**
    64. /power =**soed yells, "I just can't do it Cap'n! I don't have the power!"**
    65. /purr =**soed purrs contentedly. MMEEEOOOWWW!**
    66. /relax =**soed thinks everyone should relax**
    67. /salute = **soed salutes smartly**
    68. /scream =**soed screams in a mad fit**
    69. /seduce =**soed really, really wants to be seduced**
    70. /shiver = **soed shivers from the cold. brrrrrrr~**
    71. /shmoo =**soed dances around the room, spreading love and hugs**
    72. /shrug =**soed shrugs helplessly**
    73. /shy = **soed hides in a corner**
    74. /sick =**soed is not feeling well**
    75. /sigh =**soed lets out a long sigh. Siiiigggghhhhhh...**
    76. /squirt =**soed grabs a squirt gun and chases everyone around squirting at them!**
    77. /smile =**soed smiles happily**
    78. /smirk =**soed smirks**
    79. /sneeze =**soed sneezes. Bless you!**
    80. /snore =**soed fell asleep and started snoring loudly. Bzzzzzz ..**
    81. /sorry =**soed apologises to everyone**
    82. /spit =**soed spits on the ground**
    83. /spock =**soed raises an eyebrow**
    84. /stare =**soed stares into space**
    85. /strut =**soed struts around proudly**
    86. /tantrum =**soed begins to scream, jumps up and down and bangs on the floor in a fot of unhappiness**
    87. /thank =**soed thanks you all whole-heartedly**
    88. /tpyo =**soed fumbles fingers helplessly across the keypad**
    89. /warcry =**soed lets out a loud warcry**
    90. /wave =**soed is waving**
    91. /whistle =**soed whistles appreciatively**
    92. /whop =**soed whips out a trusty pillow and WHOPS everyone upside da head!**
    93. /wink =**soed winks suggestively. Ooooo ...**
    94. /wohoo =**soed lets out an energetic, 'WOO HOO!'**
    95. /worship =**soed falls to the ground in shameless worship of the creators from mig33**
    96. /worthy =**soed bows down to the ground screaming "I'M NOT WORTHY!"**
    97. /yawn =**soed yawns. How dull.**
    98. /yeah =**Beaming, soed started yelling 'YEAHHHH!'**

    B) Emot command yang hanya bisa di gunakan dengan di ikuti usernme di belakangnya

    099. /boo soed =**soed runs up behind soed and screams 'BOOO!!!'**
    100. /cmon soed =**soed tells soed to get a move on. 'Cmon!'**
    101. /comfort soed =**soed comforts soed**
    102. /congrat soed =**soed congratulates soed**
    103. /french soed =**soed gives soed a deep and passionate kiss ... it seems to take forever ...**
    104. /glare soed =**soed fixes soed with an icy glare!**
    105. /hold soed =**soed holds soed lovingly**
    106. /pinch soed =**soed pinches soed Ouchhh!**
    107. /poke soed = **soed pokes soed in the ribs.**
    108. /rose soed =**soed sends soed a single, perfect, deep red rose. @>--,--`--**
    109. /ruffle soed =**soed ruffles soed's hair playfully.**
    110. /slap soed =**soed slap soed across the face. Ouch!**
    111. /snuggle soed =**soed snuggles up to soed**
    112. /tag soed =**soed tags soed and dance around with glee, shouting "YOU'RE IT!!"**

    jadi sekarang kamu bisa tau semua emot command dan pilih mana yg pas dgn suasana hatimu.

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    Re: Mig33 Emot Command Dan Hasilnya

    Post by radenjanoko on 19th March 2009, 09:58

    Banyak banget. . .

    Sampe pegel neh nyobainx. .


    bumi gonjang ganjéng
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    Re: Mig33 Emot Command Dan Hasilnya

    Post by Xbmn on 19th March 2009, 13:49


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    Re: Mig33 Emot Command Dan Hasilnya

    Post by Bento on 21st March 2009, 00:48

    Kalo pegel minum obt pegel linu pol wkwkwkwk..

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    Re: Mig33 Emot Command Dan Hasilnya

    Post by Xbmn on 21st March 2009, 17:41

    Mending obat KB opo obat cacing ae.Wekekekek


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    Re: Mig33 Emot Command Dan Hasilnya

    Post by damn_59 on 22nd March 2009, 02:37

    hihi. . . . .

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    Re: Mig33 Emot Command Dan Hasilnya

    Post by Xbmn on 22nd March 2009, 06:46


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    Re: Mig33 Emot Command Dan Hasilnya

    Post by Ramainan on 23rd March 2009, 22:18

    Nek ga mau pegel nyatet,coba aja dwlod emot comand di www.rakuti.wen.ru

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    Re: Mig33 Emot Command Dan Hasilnya

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